Paradise On Earth – For The Time Being

We had a gentle sail, beam reach, to Kazıklı. This place, as Jamie promised me, was a picturesque, mostly unspoilt, little piece of paradise. We took a long walk around the shore and saw a small turtle in a stream and lots of very pretty views.

The picturesque Kazıklı
The picturesque Kazıklı

Unfortunately we were stopped by a bunch of guys in a 4X4 who were developers and wanted our opinion on the area… We said it was beautiful, but that they should leave it well alone if they wanted it to stay that way. I guess there’s be another load of sprawling holiday homes pouring down from the mountains to the sea before long… such a shame.

In the evening we had dinner with the locals at the end of the inlet and went out on floating rafts to eat. The waiter rowed over to us with our food and wine. It truly was paradise and I want to go back!

Dinner on a floating raft!
Dinner on a floating raft!

Video Clip

When Liz and I sailed to Kazikli we had dinner at one of the two local restaurants. This one allowed us to take dinner on a floating raft where we were able to pull ourselves along a cable out to ‘sea’! When we needed table service, however, a little local lad had to jump in his oversize dinghy and row the second bottle of red over to us! Classic!

And if that didn’t work, try this google-hosted one:

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