Our Most Dangerous Problem (Since We Started Sailing)

Once upon a time, when we were planning our 1,000 mile passage westards, we started having problems with our autopilot.

Thinking it was just the seals causing the failure (since there was significant oil leakage around the hydraulic ram) we asked local-mecahnic-and-whizz-Hendro to order some replacements from Jakarta.

After three weeks of waiting for delivery, plus time out from Hendro’s busy schedule, we discovered they didn’t fit properly.

Let’s try the UK

We took the plunge and ordered original B&G from the UK. There was another delay when Jamie realised he had ordered the wrong set.

So, what with delivery times and Hendro’s time, it was a further month before the ram was finally fixed and reinstalled. We’re not complaining, mind, since the southern Gili islands of Lombok are some of our favourite locations in Indonesia…

Our Most Dangerous Problem
Looking southof Lombok
Our Most Dangerous Problem
The little island of Golong
Our Most Dangerous Problem

Time to go

There was about a month left before the weather window closed, and time was starting to run out. We needed to get a wiggle on.

Finally, with the new seals fitted and the ram back in place, it looked as though we were ready to leave and begin our trip north west through the Java Sea.

Our Most Dangerous Problem
View from Marina Del Ray restaurant
Our Most Dangerous Problem
One of the southern bays of Lombok

Of course, this being boats, SY Esper being SY Esper, and us being us, that was never going to happen.

We hope you enjoy the episode…

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