Our First Atlantic Swim

1Looks like it’s dorado for tea again tonight, and this time we have enough to feed the five thousand. This time I’ve just soaked the fillets in lemon juice, no garlic. Highlight of the day, however, was going for a swim in the middle of nowhere (24’ 40.61N, 18’ 44.12W). With the sun baking down accompanied by slow winds Simon devised a safety harness for us to wear whilst we took it in turns to dive off the bow into the warm, clear blue waters, floating a few miles above the sea bed.

Michel & Jamie lark about

Michel & Jamie lark about

Unfortunately the winds had dropped and we were forced to motor sail. At least this meant that we were able to drop to a one-man, one-hour night watch system. There has even been talk of stopping off via Cabo Verde.

Video Clip: Swimming In The Atlantic

We went swimming a few times whilst crossing the Atlantic, but before we dared jump off the back with the sails down we used a safety line. You can see from this clip that even traveling at a mere 3 knots in calm seas Tim very quickly disappears round the back of the boat.

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