Orange sea after the storm

Orange sea after the storm

The passage north-east along Sabah’s coast from Kota Kinabalu to Kota Belud is dotted with rivers and inlets. Quite often, especially after a high tide or stormy weather, the rivers spill all kinds of flotsam into the ocean.

We’ve dodged submerged tree trunks the width of cars and length of telephone poles. You have to keep a careful watch along this coastline.

The sea went ORANGE (and they bombed the fish)

The sea went orange, what’s that all about?

One of the biggest estuaries is where the Tuaran River hits the South China Sea around 15nm from Kota Kinabalu. We were on the lookout as usual, but we’d never seen the sea this colour before. The line between the sea and the river run off was so sharp it could have been drawn with a pencil.

Orange sea after the storm

Diving at Big Fin Divers

Now at anchor in Ambon, we could at last get back to Big Fin Dive Resort. This is where Liz had re-taken her PADI Open Water course four months ago before the Sabah inter-district travel order kicked in. It was good to be back!

We made three dives on the first day. The light was good and Jamie was able to capture plenty of footage. Here are some macro shots.
(There are more images and video in the episode, see link below).

Orange sea after the storm

Clark’s anemonefish

Orange sea after the storm

Banded tube anemone

Orange sea after the storm

Feather Star

Orange sea after the storm

Goby on a starfish

Then while we were diving, someone bombed the reef

Dynamite fishing is still a problem over here as it is elsewhere in the world. Desperate to find fish and particularly hungry during the movement control order, it has been rife throughout the waters around Sabah.

Click here for more on the problem of dynamite fishing.

Check out the video here…

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