One Down, Four To Go


The lovely Esther makes her exit

Sunday was chill out day, our first day off since we started work aboard Voyager last week. This was spoilt, however, by the news that Esther would be leaving us due to some issues between her and the skipper. Not wanting to embarrass Esther I won’t go into the details but the term “a kid in a sweet shop with no money” was used by the skipper with regards to the situation. This was a real shame because we were just starting to get to know Esther and she was turning out to be a great person to have on board. We helped Esther pack her stuff up, including getting the bike out from the work shop which had taken Michelle and I about 2 hours to stow away. The work shop is a hole in one of the seats in the cockpit that drops down about three metres and offers loads of storage space for powertools, a workbench, spare wood and the like. Kinda like your dad’s shed tipped on its side. Anyway, Michelle and I had spent ages stowing Paul’s and Esther’s bikes in what little space was left, so getting it out wasn’t too much fun either. We wished Esther well but made the school-boy error of not getting her email address. Esther, if you’re reading this please, get in touch with us!

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