Now It’s OUR Turn To Answer The Questions!

What with our Through The Porthole podcasts and previous efforts at amateur journalism we’re quite used to asking questions of other people. It was a pleasant surprise, therefore, to receive an invitation to answer some questions directed at ourselves.

Livia is a sailor who has recently embarked on a project entitled ‘Interview with a Cruiser’, where she asks 10 questions to cruisers from around the world. The interviews are published weekly. Livia’s idea is to build a database of different questions and answers to help future or would-be cruisers make informed decisions on switching to this lifestyle. It was quite a treat being able to respond to some questions that we would normally be putting to others to answer.

Anyway, enough chat. Here’s the link to the interview. Hope you enjoy reading it.

10 Questions For Esper

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2 Comments on “Now It’s OUR Turn To Answer The Questions!”

  1. Very interesting, I note you mainly refer to the last few months of sailing, obviously this rally is forming the strongest part of your sailing life.

    The other interviews make great reading too, I especially love Sereia’s answer to “What keeps you awake at night?” Ans: “Those goddamned whales, always beeping and sighing around my boat. They sound like a New Age self-help CD.”

    But biggest prize goes to Annie Laurie’s answer to ”
    What did you do to make your dream a reality?” Ans: “Don’t buy that new car, or that new Plasma screen TV, etc. Enjoy what you have, especially your friends and family, and don’t spend every $ on useless crap that you don’t “need”, and you’ll find your dream within reach in no time at all.”

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