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We’ve Rebuilt Our Website And Have A Discount For You

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you’re stuck at anchor, waiting for the winds to change! Sure, we’ve done some tinkering with things like the watermaker and inverter, but we’ve also, finally, pulled our socks up and sorted out the damn website. It’s a whole new thing of beauty and to celebrate we have a discount code just for you!

Some work, others play


Pages now load quickly, navigation is easy, and FTBMates is more streamlined than a streamlined thing. Everything just looks so sweet. The key point here is simplicity, stripping back the clutter and making everything work just as it should.

Weekly Email Is Back

We’ve given our weekly mail-out an injection of steroids too. New design, gorgeous images and links to all our posts, so you never miss a trick. If you’re not yet a subscriber, become followtheboat crew by clicking here and you will get free stuff!

Medana Bay at sunset


We’ve dropped the FTBMates forum altogther, and have moved everything over to Discord. Why? Simply because it was expensive and time-consuming to keep the forum maintained, while Discord is just too easy to use. It’s open to everyone but we also post our FTBMates content there too, so it gives our supporters a choice.

Just For You!

And to celebrate our website relaunch, we are offering a 10% discount code in our shop! But hurry, not only does the coupon only last a week, but our next project is to revamp the whole offer in our shop. Many of the items may not be available for much longer, so swing on over to our shop and use the code aprilshowers. Don’t forget, we’ll continue to offer random discounts in our shop, so make sure you’re signed up for updates.

Anyone know what shell this is? Answers in the comments, please…


We’re also working on separate, personal projects. In case you missed it, Jamie is spending more time on his photography website, and you can subscribe for updates here. Meanwhile, Liz has been beavering away in her photography studio, working on her shell project, which she will reveal in her new website in due course, so stay tuned and stay subscribed!

If you like our content and would like to support us, we will give you ad-free access to our videos before they go live to the public, discounts in our shop, access to Jamie’s iconic full-res photographs, and supporter-only blog posts. Click our ugly mugs for more info!

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