MyWanderlust Picture of the Week

I was pretty stoked to get my Bedouin shot chosen by Lyn Hughes as her photo of the week on the MyWanderlust website. Lyn is owner/editor of the independent travel magazine and recently visited Jordan herself, so perhaps my shot brought back a few memories for her.


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16 Comments on “MyWanderlust Picture of the Week”

  1. We slipped in a visit to Jordan for a week, +Stuart Dyckhoff (Liz won the air tickets writing comp!) and have just applied for our new Indian visas, so all thing being well we are heading back to India mid-November. It's been our longest visit to the UK in eight years. Loved every minute of it but time to get back to the boat and the cat 🙂

  2. well done, I am not surprised it is a fabulous shot. Also, the combination of colours is brilliant, blue and orange are  complementary i.e. opposite on the colour wheel.

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