Motor yachts v sailing yachts

Are you a sailboat snob? Do you think any vessel without a sail is a stinkpot? We talk to the captain of a Princess 88′ superyacht, Island Princess, whose heart still lies with sailboats. He explains how he started in the Sea Cadets and eventually became the skipper of a super yacht. But he still prefers sailing to motoring.

What’s your view on motor yachts v sailing yachts? And what about all the other marine vessels we see out on the water, is there a pecking order (we’re not talking ColRegs)?

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Peace, fair winds and stay safe

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6 thoughts on “Motor yachts v sailing yachts”

  1. I think the “war” motor yachts versus sailing yachts is as old as mankind 🙂 or maybe not exactly that old. Both have their pro and con and for me it is hard to understand why we should downgrade each other, the sea is large enough to co-exist peacefully. It is just a matter of being respectfully for each other. But I do not want to hide the fact there are and will be hairy situations when those big motor yachts plow through the water on autopilot and nobody is at the helm to take correcting actions when needed. I personally never came across a sailing yacht on autopilot without a captain on the look out although we are much slower than most of these motor yachts.
    So let us co-exist in a friendly and humble way for the benefit for all of us!

    1. Completely agree, Werner. We should all consider each other on the water. And I have to admit that we make the assumption that any boat near us could be on auto-pilot with no-one at the helm, it’s just safer that way.
      Cheers! X

  2. Hi
    We have been very interested to follow some of your blogs – particularly concerning Langkawi and Krabi. We first arrived in Langkawi in 2014 from Johor and on our way to haulout at Krabi Boat Lagoon (Des Kearns). During our time at KBL we travelled to India where Jean had a double hip replacement at an orthopaedic hospital in Chennai. This was a great success and we always remember our time there with great affection. Dr Vijay Bose was the surgeon and is rated as one of the top 5 in the world.
    To cut a very long story short, we eventually shipped our old girl to Turkey by Sevenstar Yacht Transport.
    Our yacht is an English Gauntlet design (12 ton) and built in NZ native timber in Wellington, NZ. Launched 1978. Sadly she is now sold and we have retired to Medellin, Colombia. Bit of a change from sailing in the Andaman Sea!!
    You can read all our gory details on Later ones have quite a bit of political comment which you are free to ignore, but there is so much of great importance happening in the world these days that we feel compelled to write about it.
    Best regards and congratulations on riveting blogs and videos.
    Cheers from Medellin
    Jim Donald and Jean Tallentire

    1. Thanks very much for sharing some of your story with us and for the kind words about our own story.
      Turkey is embedded in our hearts, having spent almost three years based there before heading east.
      Peace and fair winds!

  3. Dean Winsbury

    Disregarding the impact on the environment of burning thousands of litres of fuel in order to create a wake that disturbs everyone in a one mile radius if the noise didn’t and if you have enough money to burn just to go fast but less distance and only on fine weather days then just maybe a motorboat is okay. The opulence factor is certainly there but a big Oyster 60+ ft sailboat has that too plus skill, beauty, honour and freedom. I guess I am firmly on the side of canvas. Now lets decide whether mono or multi hull is best if you really want to raise temperatures, haha.

    1. Haha! The old mono v cat debate…
      I agree about the environmental impact of powered vessels on the environment. How about if someone invents an electric engine which is efficient enough to allow you to get across an ocean without smile? That would be interesting…
      We wouldn’t say no to a 60’ Oyster either!

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