More Loud Cr@p Turkish Pop

I looked out from the cabin and watched as an enormous gullet in the next small bay seemed to be going backwards and forwards and round and round in circles. Later on Jamie identified the boat as belonging to Stuart, a friend of ours from Bodrum.

masterA little later on we visited Stuart on our way by dinghy to Yalikavak town. He was staying there while a number of jobs were being undertaken on his boat. Unfortunately he was having even more problems with anchoring than us, and his boat is 4 times the size and there’s only one of him. Hmmm… he looked like a man in need of a drink.

We headed across the bay to Yalikavak where we did the tourist walkabout and Jamie thrashed me at backgammon again in a very nice bar on the beach. The ride back to Esper in our tiny dinghy across a wide open bay full of choppy water was not the joy it should have been. Arrived wet and cold!

In the evening Stuart joined us for drinks on board and then dinner on land. Unfortunately we seemed to be anchored near no bars/restaurants and ended up eating in an odd sort of upmarket holiday camp/hotel for the locals. The food was rubbish (but free!) and the music was extraordinary, a sort of Turkish-style-folky-poppy-discoey-thumping-ballady mix – at least they seemed to enjoy it!

We slept well.

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