More Fireworks & Parades In Caraminal


The German is starting to show some obvious signs of Germaness. Whilst walking round town we’re all content to meander through the back streets taking pictures of nothing in particular Conny, however, must find the quickest route possible from (a) to (b). I’ve noticed recently that everything must be done efficiently, and I’m growing concerned. I hope it is a passing fad.

ram93More fireworks! In fact we were woken this morning by fifteen very loud bangers at around 9am. Bastards! What are they trying to prove? After heading into town in the morning to complete some shopping we quickly realise that today is some kind of holiday and most of the shops are closed. Fortunately the bars are open so we stop for a coffee and take in the various forms of entertainment that seem to be appearing on every street corner. One minute it’s a parade with oversized people and Walt Disney characters holding up the traffic, next there’s a Celtic line-dancing routine. In the park a brass band plays some superb Wild Western soundtrack music (excuse my ignorance but I have no idea how to categorise this style of music).

ram96One thing that did occur to me was the level of involvement of the locals in these festivities. In the UK I think one would struggle to prize the youth from their car jacking and get them to dress up in frilly costumes and dance to bagpipe music, but here in the Galician area of Spain it seems the regional identity is embraced with a huge level of pride. It makes for a fantastic atmosphere, though I’m sure it does nothing for the local economy when YET AGAIN, they finish the night off with fireworks until stupid o’clock. The karaoke machine is cranked up, but I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or if this time the warbler was actually singing English pop songs, a la Gareth Gates. Clearly my lack of sleep is causing me worrying delusions and auditory hallucinations.



If religion is the reason for all these festivities then I take back what I say about organised religion. Bring it on and let’s all dance in the streets.


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