Missing our Millie and the watery life. Not long now

Missing our Millie and the watery life. Not long now

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3 thoughts on “Missing our Millie and the watery life. Not long now”

  1. Hi Jamie and Liz. Thanks for reply, they built a lovely promenade, along the sea front, winter tides washed it all away, the real money doesn’t filter down from the government to build a decent one. It’s such a shame, we had a palm tree planting ceremony one year, in Reg’s garden in 1998, when my wife and I visited for the first time, it’s now 25/30 ft high. Reg has a well in the garden, cold showers in the wet room. Have been back twice in the last 5 years on my own as my wife passed away in 2010, I feel India calling again. Enjoy the expat parties and on going stories, one now,has built a huge rental with her Indian husband. My wife adored elephants, she was able to wash one laying down in a river, we stood on a wall then mounted the beast, my wife had to get down rather quickly as she couldn’t stand heights, I stayed on, but the elephant brushed me through some over hanging soft branches full of spiders. We rode bare back, the bones on the elephants spine were very uncomfortable, but what a day, rubber plantations, going another time up to a hill station, a taxi trip from Kovalam to the tip of India, the visit a new temple just off the shore, they were building a huge monument in the sea, scaffold swaying all over the place. Well that’s all this time, take care both of you.Richard.

  2. Hi, love following your journeys, I have been to India a few times, my friend there Reg, let’s his house out, he is in kovalam, when there apart from the lovely beach bar food, beautiful sun sets, he lives on a hill and I watch the twinkle from the hundreds of small fishing boats at night, loose my self during the day walking through the various villages, the odd elephants, locals going about there work, chipmunks running up and down the trees, wonderful butterflies, floating by. Getting a shirt or shorts made, all above as you both, train rides, then bus over the western gates, into the tea and spice plantations,
    I can see why you both enjoy your life there, I wish you both a safe and happy future, bye the way I have my own small yacht here in the UK, it’s a Pandora 700, it’s seven meters, called Jess. There are a small fleet of these that race at a club in Wales, but mainly they are for cruising. Take care Richard. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Richard, thanks for the message. Nice to hear from a fellow Indian-lover AND fellow yachtsman. We don’t know the Pandora but from what we can see from the underneath she’s a great looking boat. Kovalam is beautiful. In fact that whole area is beautiful. Have you been watching the TV series on Indian trains? It makes us pine for India, so much so we have been talking about heading back there. Stay tuned and stay in touch. Fair winds to you. Jamie and Liz

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