Medical Aid For The Locals

Time to say goodbye to the people of Eritrea. Unbeknown to us as we continued down the coast of this beautiful country we would no longer meet Eritrean people, save for a few fishermen.

Dan of ‘Still Dreaming’, upon seeing our next anchorage Ras Corali, came on the VHF claiming that all the scenery needed was a herd of giraffe and a bison and we would truly know that we were in Africa! He was right as this spot was yet another spectacular place to drop the hook and go for a swim or explore the shore. Unfortunately I thought I was starting to develop ‘the fever’ and had to ask Roger of ‘Storm Dodger’ to scrape my bottom. Esper’s bottom, that is. Whilst he and Liz frolicked in the water a team of yotties went ashore and met some locals. They returned rather shocked at the health of these extremely poor people and quickly got the boats to put together medi-packs and fishing gear. According to Anthony of ‘Divanty’ he claimed the kids were literally fishing with a bent nail and a lump of lead for a weight. Liz pulled out some of Mustad hooks and plenty of line. They were overjoyed at the gesture, apparently.

We watched a very pale African sun set over the hill, looking just like the pale eggs we had purchased in Sudan. Clearly the chickens here were as undernourished as the locals!

We spent the next day having a long discussion about sailing strategy. We were entering the convergence zone and were leaving behind the prevailing northerlies. For the remainder of the Red Sea we could expect wind and current on the nose, thus hampering our progress. Hampering our progress is an understatement, as we were soon to find out!

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2 Comments on “Medical Aid For The Locals”

  1. How sad to read about such poor people-I am sure they appreciated your kind gesture. Let’s hope it worked and they actually caught something to eat. 😉

  2. It is nice to know that your hearts ( the VDGR crews) are as large as your sailboats; how wonderful of all of you to extend that kind of aid to those who needed it like that. 🙂

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