Servicing a Max-Prop

Servicing a Max-Prop is one of those tasks that becomes less daunting with experience. Are you familiar with Max-Props? Have you ever taken one apart or, more importantly, put one back together? We need to change the dripless seal on SY Esper’s shaft, and that means taking off the prop to get to it.

But Max-Props don’t make life easy, they are intricate pieces of machinery that demand careful attention. In this episode Jamie explains how to dismantle one… and put it back together.

Liz starts on the first of her jobs, to inspect and service all our seacocks. Some are easier than others. The old Blakes seacocks which came with the boat are still doing a great job, but they can be difficult to remove sometimes!

Our friend and neighbour, Roy of SY Chasca, discovers his boat has osmosis, so Jamie discusses his next move.

Servicing a max-prop

Ready for a clean and service

And preparing Esper’s bottom for new paint continues with the yard workers following the shade round the boat as the sun rises and sets. Wherever possible we use local workers for much of our yard work because they need the wages, particularly during the dark times of lockdown.

Peace and fair winds!
Liz and Jamie

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