Mata Jitu: Princess Diana’s Waterfall

We didn’t know anything about Mata Jitu Waterfall as we sailed towards it. Known to the locals as Princess Diana’s Waterfall after she went to visit 30 years earlier, it turned out to be hidden within pristine jungle…

banta Island

We sailed along the northern coast of Sumbawa, ducking between volcanoes and mini islands, looking for a sheltered anchorages. The first sail to Brenti was long, with little wind. Although we made good speed we needed to keep the engine on for most of the sail. Our recalcitrant autopilot decided to work, which made it a much easier passage than we had anticipated.

The sail to Labuan Aji on the island of Moyo was a full day of sailing without an engine. We absolutely loved it! This time the autopilot packed up altogether. But we didn’t care because SY Esper balanced perfectly in the wind, and meant we hardly had to touch the wheel.

Mata Jitu

Mata Jitu

Of course, our first day of exploring meant Mata Jitu. With the sweltering conditions it made a lot more sense to go by scooter rather than a long trek. The ride was a hair-raising experience, along narrow dirt tracks with overhanging branches. Our drivers (we were dissuaded from riding our own bikes) knew the trail well, and handled the bikes like motocross pros.

Off-roading on the back of scooters was just the beginning, because when we arrived there was a jungle trek ahead.

Mata Jitu

Mata Jitu

For the full story and some up-close footage of the exceptional jungle, watch the video linked below.

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