Man Overboard: True story 2021 Part 1

Man overboard! Falling off the boat is every mariner’s nightmare. Especially when you are offshore in a storm. And you have two cracked ribs from an earlier knock down. To make matters worse, you are a solo sailor, so there’s no-one coming back for you.

This was the situation in which our friend Nige found himself in the confused seas off Australia’s northern Wessel Islands, earlier in 2021.

What would you do in Nige’s position? Would you just give up? How do you think you would cope?

man overboard true story
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Jamie sat down with Nige to record the true story of his traumatic experience of falling overboard from his 34′ Nigel Duncanson, SY Bison. How did he feel as he watched his sailboat (with Stinky-the-cat on board) disappear over the horizon? His answer might surprise you…

man overboard true story
In earlier times

In Part 2 next week we’ll find out how he was rescued, the lessons we can all learn from his experience and what happened to his boat. And most importantly of all, what happened to Stinky.

Click the link below to watch the video and hear Nige’s true story in his own words of how it happened, why it happened and what it’s like to see your boat disappear over the horizon while you are left alone in a sea renowned for its Tiger sharks.

Thanks for coming along for the ride with us (and Nige).

Peace and fair winds!
Liz and Jamie xx

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