Royal Photographic Society’s Licentiateship Distinction

This weekend I was awarded the Royal Photographic Society’s Licentiateship distinction. It is the first of three distinctions that recognises the creative and technical skill of the photographer.

Ten images are displayed and must work individually as well as together to create a cohesive presentation. I concentrated on portraits of course! The images are designed to be hung in a certain order.

Below is my flickr presentation of these ten images. It starts with the plan to give you an idea as to how they all hang together.

Click the image to play the slide-show, and click the four-arrowed button to go full screen.

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22 Comments on “Royal Photographic Society’s Licentiateship Distinction”

  1. am gobsmacked by the photos and articles too – just couldn’t sleep thinking ’bout your write-up on the chandlers’ release and where it leaves us humble yachties. next thing we know you’ll turn into a star..

    1. What a nice thing to say, Hugh (as are all the other responses). I should explain to anyone who doesn’t know Hugh that he was affectionately known as the Star Man, such is his passion for astronomy, so his comment is a play on that, not a literal exclamation!

  2. As a wannabe sailor I found your site recently, The site overall is very professional looking, and has great content. Yours is a fascinating story and as a keen photographer I really love your work. Congratulations on the award.

    1. Hi Keith, thanks for the kind words. The one aim of the followtheboat project is to share our experiences, stories and photographs with people like yourself. It gives us great pleasure knowing that you are getting something from it. If you haven’t yet listened to them, try the podcasts for a different take on our life, and keep working towards that goal of turning ‘wannabe’ sailor into ‘real’ sailor 😉

  3. great photos Jamie well done on award wonder if Will and Kate would like you to do their wedding shots !! for the right price of course x

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