Lombok to Malaysia

Lombok to Malaysia in 1200 Miles!

It’s been a long, long wait, but we’re thrilled to have started our 1200 NM passage from Lombok to Malaysia. Woohoo!

We’re excited to be doing what we love, and are looking forward to the places and people we hope to encounter in the adventure ahead of us. And, of course, sharing those experiences with you!

This is the first of many regular real-time updates in the form of videos and podcasts which we hope to deliver as we go. It’s raw and live, with minimal editing, so huge apologies now if the quality isn’t as high as usual.

These are some of the subjects we cover in the video podcast…

00:00 Podcasting since 2009!
00:59 Catch-up or continue with vlogs?
01:45 “I’m fed up with big heads”
05:17 Shakedown positivity!
06:18 First time to Bali
07:48 Why were we delayed by a year?
10:32 We still have two small problems
12:22 What would stop us from leaving?
12:56 Fishing boats sailing at us!
13:20 We’re so excited to be exploring again!
16:16 Mini boat deck tour underway
17:15 Mini galley and saloon tour underway

At the moment we are anchored on northern Bali, inching towards SY Esper‘s launch across the Java Sea next week.

If you prefer to listen only, here’s the link to our podcast!

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