Lefkosia or Nicosia?

han1One thing a tourist must get used to is the confusion over town names and lack of road signs. For obvious reasons many of the towns and cities have two names: a Greek name and a Turkish name.

What is more confusing, however, is actually trying to get to these places. Whilst driving across the borders we had to navigate with two road maps, one for the Greek side and one for the Turkish side. And try finding sign-posts to Girne in southern Cyprus: they don’t exist. Girne is also known as Kyrenia, depending upon which side of the fence you sit.

You’ll also get confused by the fact that none of the borders are sign-posted. One minute you’re driving along, minding your own business, admiring the view, and next you’ve driven into a checkpoint barrier. Probably manned by an angry Greek police officer.

Most disconcerting.

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