Krakatoa Pt 1: What’s top of your bucket list?

One destination which has had top billing on Jamie’s bucket list for some time is Krakatoa, but would we be able to anchor there? If you were sailing on your dream boat, where would you go, and what is at the top of your bucket list? Hawaii, Antarctica, Japan, Grenada, Uruguay, Croatia, Bora Bora, just some of the answers we received to this perennial question. We were surprised by which spot came out ahead of the rest…

When we heard about the landslide of Anak Krakatoa and subsequent tsunami in December 2018 we were horrified to learn about the devastation to local communities along the coast of Java. Out of respect for those caught up by the tsunami, we made the decision not to anchor along the Javanese coast where the biggest loss of life had occurred.

There were no charts or even satellite imagery with up to date information about the Krakatoa archipelago, so we wondered if we would be able to get near. We made the decision that all we could do was try, and that if it looked too dangerous or a definite no-go we would carry on to Jakarta.

Even though two thirds of Anak Krakatoa slid under the water, it is a haunting sight. Possibly even more so because the volcano is still very much alive. With palms sweating and adrenaline spewing through our veins, the sea flowed beneath us as we motored inside the archipelago.

We asked our friends on Patreon and over on our YouTube Community Tab where they would go in their dream boat. The answers were inspirational and amusing.

  • Paul and Sheryl of SV Hawkeye on Patreon, like many of us were overwhelmed by the question… “Western Europe. Pacific islands. Mediterranean. North coast Australia. Suez Canal. Alaska. Just to name a few!” they said. “We have more than one dream boat too. All three have a $2m price tag. 😄” Then just for luck they added another destination, “Nova Scotia.”
  • Bastian’s Mom on our Community page dodges the question… “Just being able to be on the water would be enough for me…”

“The Sea of Tranquility”
Pete Gasson, Patreon

Working our way west round the world, we start in the…

  • Danny Basso (Patreon) – “What a question! I would start with the Mediterranean Sea… But because of you I’m increasing my list of places to visit, in spite of the time I have available!”
  • Graham and Alison Pickering (Patreon) – “Does buying a boat in the Med and sailing her home to NZ count as a destination?!”
  • Rigging Doctor simply says, “The Mediterranean”.
  • luciantm19766 – “Mediterranean: Greece, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain. For the:
    ◦ excellent food and wine,
    ◦ the most beautiful ports and towns in the world,
    ◦ the history
    ◦ And sailing with no schedule, forgetting what day it is, just following the winds.”

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  • jose antonio fernandez – “Providencia island belongs to Colombia but is closer to Nicaragua. Because it has the most spectacular coral reefs, pristine waters, shark diving, very friendly people and last, but not least, with Emma my true love!!”
  • BoscoBob (Patreon) – “That is a tough call, but I would love to go back to Grenada and then sail to nearby islands. I would stock my boat with enough nutmeg jam, nutmeg sirup and cases of rum to tide me over for a couple of months. Then a circumnavigation of the globe!”
  • Michael Dean Ballard – “Uruguay is the place for me for many reasons:
    ◦ they say that everyone has it in them once or twice to emigrate to another country.
    ◦ The people are welcoming to immigrants and foreigners
    ◦ it is said that if you walk down the street and ask people what they are like they will say no one is better than anyone else as a motto.
    ◦ There are long-term fair to moderate weather Harbors.
    ◦ First world infrastructure. 
    ◦ The perception of government corruption is rated as one of the lowest in the world and there are no draconian laws.”
  • TheGorignak – “Marie-Galante just south of Guadalupe. Also Mauritius!”
  • Daniel O’connor (Patreon) – “Planning on the Pacific Circle but the highlight will be taking my wife to Hawaii.”
  • KerbalFacile – “Bora Bora, and more generally all of the Pacific!”
  • Cactus Sailing – the Galapagos islands
  • Christoffer Bjørk Pedersen – Tonga!
  • Karl Holbert (Patreon) – “…a little island called Fuagea in the Tuvalu atoll. Back a few years ago when my desk job was really getting me down I just searched Google earth for the most remote place I could find that looked like a place I would want to sit for awhile away from all my cares. Fuagea was it. Now when I get stressed I think of kicking back on the beach at Fuagea. Some day I would really love to actually get there.”
  • Hans Christian Gulvik – “The Great barrier reef”
  • Where’s Waldo – “Rowley Shoals, and the Kimberleys. Hope to be on our way this time next year!”
  • shane villis – For my missus, the Kimberleys. For me? I have none

“Point Nemo”, says Jonathan (YouTube). If you’re not familiar with the term, it is the ‘…location in the ocean that is farthest from land. You can’t get farther away from land than Point Nemo.’ 

  • Mark & Jeanne, Quest for Thunder (Patreon) – “Well as strange as it may seem, based upon your initial destination, Japan fills our top spot. Specifically the southern areas of Honshu. Possibly Okinawa area as well.”
  • Laurie Seto would like to circumnavigate Japan.
  • Werner Leuthmetzer aka dive.yeti (Patreon) – “Dangerous Grounds, off the north West coast of Borneo. It’s a nearly uncharted body of sea, with too many reefs to locate them all and practically unexplored under water, an expedition diving area where you can expect the unexpected. What a great feeling it must be to dive there and to know nobody had ever dived there before. It is not for the fainthearted for sure!”
  • Jay Kim says South Korea.
  • Captain Mike Hawaii and nizam, both on YouTube, say Raja Ampat!
  • Joe Raynak chooses “The whole Banda Sea, Indonesia!”

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Indian Ocean
  • Bernard Szirth (Patreon) – “Since you ask, you have shown me what I feel must be paradise: the Andaman Sea would be my dream destination.”
  • AtesTo_Technik – “Chagos or Cocos Islands.”
  • darren G – “Maldives”
Cold places!
  • Mike Hayse (Patreon) – “Circumnavigate the Americas including stops at the likes of South Georgia Island and the Aleutians.. I have Ice on the brain, what can I say.”
  • Keith Tarnowsky – “The northwest passage across the top of the world!”
  • Jonty Bray – “Patagonia and the Horn…but just passing through, bit too cold for hanging out! 😄”And what is the most popular place?


  • Play b4work – Antarctica!
  • alan deardorff – The Matto Grasso

Osiris stefanek (Patreon) – “Hate the cold and the furious 50’s, plus the screaming 60’s scare the hell out of me. Then throw in some ice and this avid armchair sailor would be a nervous wreck for most of it, even with the unlimited booze supply! BUT I have always wanted to follow in Mawsons footsteps so Cape Denison/Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica”

  • Pete Gasson (Patreon) – Ross Archipelago
  • Irrel Avant – “Antarctica. And I’m not even joking! I bought a cruising trimaran several years ago for this sole purpose. I’ve been drawn there for almost two decades. No idea why. But there is an island on the peninsula called Deception Island that is the caldera of a submerged volcano and the water is a little warmer inside. I would like the bragging rights of saying I went swimming in Antarctica!”

Deception Island, courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Wow, what an amazing and illuminating list! We learned of some new places, did you? Is your number one bucket list spot on this list? Comment below with your suggestions and opinions!

Peace and fair winds!
Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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