Kelly Hoxton Hits Bodrum

Watch out, Turkey, here comes Emma

Watch out, Turkey, here comes Emma

Whilst Emma (nicknamed Kelly Hoxton) stayed with us she agreed to write the log entry for this trip. I’m really hoping she’s done so cos it was such a drunken haze I don’t remember anything! I do know we stayed up to watch the sun rise six nights in a row, and there was a dawn dip involved somewhere along the line. Also we were joined by Tac and her friend Idil, and they added to the merryment.

Whilst we wait for Emma’s log entry let’s move on to Two Twats In A Boat (click ‘next’ above or below).

NB from Liz. Although I saw her scribbling notes and sucking her pencil between glugging huge amounts of white wine her log never arrived. Hey Ho, probably for the best.

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