Jodhpur: The Blue City In Photographs

It’s summertime and no one wants to read a whole bunch of words, so how about we whisk you off to Jodhpur and introduce you to the streets and the people of The Blue City? For your viewing pleasure, some of our best pics from this wonderful city in Rajasthan.

Don’t forget you can go ‘full screen’ by clicking the four-arrowed button in the bottom-right of each slide-show. The images are high-res so we recommend it!

Blue City Business

Here we take a look at the industrious side of Jodhpur, from barbers to sleeping cycle repair men.


Blue City People

From the children in the blue-daubed walls of the back-streets, to old boys in head-scarfs tending their family business, you can guarantee some interesting faces amongst this lot.


Blue City Sights

For us the sights are really the streets and the people, but this short slide-show offers a teaser of some of the more familiar sights of Jodhpur.


Blue City Streets

Finally, a slide-show that illustrates exactly why this wonderful city is called The Blue City.

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7 thoughts on “Jodhpur: The Blue City In Photographs”

  1. Blue city? More like rainbow city, awesome. Enjoyed the details, the composition to include background details etc. I know people are often happier to be photographed than westerners, but you’re obviously interacting well which makes it an experience getting the shot, and not everyone is brave enough. Looking forward to the long lens/minimum aperture shallow DOF stuff that emphasises a subject so well (with the new cam?). If I’m not being presumptuous, love to see you getting off eye-level a bit more, then hearing tales of laying in gutters and hanging from lamposts in the quest… Thx for sharing.

    1. Thanks to both Mikes for your comments. Of course these were taken six months ago and every photography project marks a step forward in improvement. I’ve moved on even from these shots but your points about shifting away from eye level is something I’ve only recently taken on board; crouching whilst shooting kids is something I learnt off Mike Longhurst, for example. Unfortunately you won’t see anything on this blog from the new camera/lens for a while yet, Mike, but hopefully you’ll see improvements in technicalities over the next few months. You know how it is, you never stop learning 😉

    1. Jamie’s photos really capture Jodhpur well. I want to go back (in fact we are going back, probably in December).
      I MISS INDIA!!!

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