Jamie’s big mistake (and puppy time!)

It takes a big man to admit his mistakes and Jamie’s a big man.

We discuss the continuing shaft problems which now extend to the p-bracket: a disturbing water leak has appeared and it needs attention, but just how serious is it going to be?

Why won’t the cutlass bearing come off?

Liz takes us on an early morning puppy feeding adventure. Over the weeks, we developed the twice daily feeds into an exercise planned with military precision, often taking two or three of us to get the job done without any dog missing some grub.

puppy time
worming their way into our hearts

Part five of the latest sailing boat maintenance series out now.

Peace and fair winds!
Liz and Jamie

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2 thoughts on “Jamie’s big mistake (and puppy time!)”

  1. Hello Liz and Jamie it’s been a while since I’ve corresponded with you. I can’t remember if I told you or not but my wife and I were looking for a Bluewater cruiser and we have recently purchased a island packet 38 foot vessel. She has a full or modified full keel and I was wondering if you have to deal with the tides in and out of the rivers where you are now or near those boat yards that you guys use? We are in the Wapoo River and Charleston South Carolina and the tide flow is incredible. Basically the only time we can move our boat is at slack tide.

    1. Hi Bobby. Fortunately the tides here are minimal. At the most you might get 2, variation from chart datum. There are set currents around this part of the world, which can throw you off a bit if you’re not concentrating, but nothing like the tidal variations in western Europe or parts of the States.

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