It’s OK To Have Anxiety

[S04E02] What happens if you’re gripped by fear and anxiety on a small boat in the middle of nowhere, and there is no help coming?
In this frank discussion, we cover what set off Jamie’s anxiety, how we are coming to terms with it, and what it means for followtheboat.
We talk through your comments and we try to work out if it’s worse being on a boat if you’re feeling anxious.

Next week the topic is “drinking and sailing”, so let’s have your thoughts on that topic either here in the comments, in the comments under the video on YouTube or tweet us @followtheboat

00:00 Anxiety: don’t be scared!
01:29 Is Jamie’s anxiety causing weight loss?
02:27 Is there MORE anxiety than there used to be?
04:51 Get over it! Snap out of it!
06:22 Old people and anxiety
08:11 What is ANXIETY? We ALL have it.
10:46 ANXIETY in sailors (and cruisers).
14:57 Why did Jamie become ANXIOUS?
16:00 First ANXIETY trigger
18:19 Second ANXIETY trigger
20:22 Third ANXIETY trigger
21:22 Dealing with a partner who has ANXIETY
24:06 We decided to buy a NARROWBOAT
28:47 How to COPE with ANXIETY? Pt 1
30:07 Has Jamie recovered yet?
32:27 Are boat problems all equal?
33:59 Jamie’s inner terror and guilt
35:13 How to COPE with ANXIETY? Pt 2
37:54 Should we stay here?
40:46 Positive ANXIETY?
41:57 FEAR: Boat breaking down in remote places
45:04 ANXIETY during the pandemic
46:25 Are you a CONTROL FREAK? Is Jamie?
48:50 NEXT EPISODE: Alcohol and drinking

Sailing Scared by Melissa White – a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in anxiety and its management.

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