Is this the weirdest loo in the world?

Would you poo in this loo? Yes, it really is planted proudly outside on the rocks…

SY Esper at anchor in the shelter of Nokok

We introduce you to this charming village which isn’t named on any map but is known to its inhabitants as “Nokok”. An isolated island with the weirdest toilet in the world, funny what you find on a sailboat when you go sailing around the world.

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Nokok is quite typical of an Anambas village, with a walkway at the foot of the mountain and stilted houses leading off it into the clear waters. What was a bit different on this trip was a visit to the local school where we were treated to fresh coconut.

Liz chatting with the school teachers.

After a storm passed we attempted to sail through a narrow channel between two mountains but with building seas it got a bit sketchy… Watch the video to see just how bad that channel was!

We’re off shortly to continue our journey up the coast of Borneo and onwards to the Philippines. We’re unsure of our plans as it all depends on how the situation with Millie progresses. We will keep you up to speed.

Thanks for joining our adventure and supporting us on the blog, you are a star! ❤️

Peace and fair winds
Liz, Jamie and Millie


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2 Comments on “Is this the weirdest loo in the world?”

  1. What was the water depth at Nokok?
    I can see how your use if off line maps is good for finding anchorages but am starting ti think 80 meters of chain is going to leave me on a short scope a lot of the time.


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