Indonesian Throughflow

Indonesian Throughflow: making sense of ocean currents

Are you familiar with the Coriolis Effect and the Indonesian Throughflow (ITF)? When sailing in this part of the world, they’re pretty important concepts to be familiar with.

The currents around Lombok regularly run at 3 knots, even making it to 10 knots on occasion. Sailing here is impossible if you’re trying to go through the wrong way at the wrong time.

In Episode 352 we explain in detail what happens to the currents in our seas around the planet. And we look at how the Indonesian Throughflow from the Pacific Ocean effects the waters of this vast region.

While explaining and filming the turbulence going on in the water, we captured some stunning footage of remote Indonesia…

Indonesian throughflow
Indonesian throughflow
Indonesian throughflow
Indonesian throughflow

For a fuller explanation, including Jamie’s animation and overlays, find out more in our video…

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