I Discovered A Mangrove Paddle

If you’ve got this far in the blog it’s no secret that we finally left the marina after many months of lockdown. Our second anchorage had us tucked up in a tiny bay, protected from some nasty SW squalls. When they subsided we took our kayaks out for some exploration and exercise. While Liz was checking out the eco resort (closed, sadly), I paddled over to the edge of the mangrove where I discovered a pathway into the dense root system.

If you’ve never heard them before, mangroves make strange popping and creaking sounds as the tide falls, exposing the roots to the dappled sun. According to the manager of the closed resort, who we chatted to yesterday, thanks to the lack of human traffic wild boar and proboscis monkeys have been spotted close to the shore. I just saw herons and egrets but the soundtrack to my little paddle of expanding roots and cicadas was quite atmospheric.

We’ll feature this in an up-and-coming episode.

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