I Could Have Just Said ‘No’

I dream about going back to work, a sign that my life back home is beckoning.  I actually woke up feeling quite depressed, however my feelings were not on this morning’s agenda.  Rain overnight had brought a damp, overcast morning and as Liz busied herself making us breakfast yet again, Jamie stayed below deck, quiet, subdued, melancholy.  Apparently he had just read an e-mail explaining that one of their yachting buddies had died.  This is not news anybody wants to hear and once again I am reminded that emotions can plunge as well as peak.  I never knew Christer but I cannot help but feel empathy.  I imagine his boat gave him happiness, just as Esper has done for me.  It is a sign that no matter what you have in life, there is no substitute for love and as I hug Jamie and Liz before boarding the dolmuş I realise how lucky I am to have family and friends who can provide me the opportunity to live a little.


On the plane home I watch “Yes Man”, a pretty mediocre film but the principal is quite significant: when Mum and dad asked me whether I wish to join them in visiting Jamie, Liz, Millie and Esper, I could very easily have said ‘no’.

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