Steering system failure

How To Repair A Steering System Far From Home

After weeks of agonising work trying to get to the bottom of our steering system failure, we finally managed to drop the rudder in readiness for repairs and replacement parts. But, Jamie got called back to the UK, so everything went on hold.

Or did it?

Liz took the reins, and managed to get a lot done in Jamie’s absence, including installing a new steering cable system. If any of you own an older boat with Whitlock steering, your cable probably runs through a plastic conduit and, if it is red, you should replace it.

What happens is that, over time, the cable will chafe through. It will also pick up dust, dirt and salt-water. All of these will contribute to steering system failure. So, if your boat has stiff steering and you know it is not your rudder, you may want to inspect your steering cable system now.

Replacing the old conduit is not straightforward as they are different diameters and require different end fittings. Of course, they’re different, it’s a boat and boats like to make your life as difficult as possible. 🙄

Liz and Hendro (our Mr Mechanic with the can-do attitude) got on with removing the old cable and installing the new one.

It was a job Jamie had been dreading, and Liz still thinks he engineered a trip back to the UK just to get out of it!

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