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How to Buy Your First Boat: PART 2

[S04E12] In “How to Buy Your First Boat: PART 2” we walk you through how to make a boat purchase.

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We show you where to start your search, how to inspect each boat you view, the pitfalls you’ll encounter along the way, and how to negotiate the right price.

  • Do you know the three methods of pricing?
  • Do you think brokers are important?
  • Should you have a boat survey?

We explain why compromise will get you the PERFECT sailboat

How to Buy Your First Boat: PART 1

Make sure to watch the FIRST INSTALMENT BEFORE this video, “How to buy your first boat: PART 1“:

In Part 1, we armed you with the knowledge you need BEFORE you start shopping for your first sailboat. We walk you through the differences between coastal and blue-water sailboats, explain precisely what you must KNOW, and what you need to DO, before you even start to go shopping.

Did you know that you MUST answer two questions in order to make the right decision?

By the end of this two-part buyers guide, you’ll have the secrets to making a solid boat purchase and you will have an informed and practical idea of the perfect sailboat for you.

The information in these video podcasts is for those looking to join the growing worldwide community of LIVEABOARD CRUISERS.

Our buying guide can also be used for ANY kind of sailboat.

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