How to be brave

[S03E04] “I believe you are the bravest, most courageous cruisers: adventuring across the world and below the sea, anchoring alone in coves, traveling up rivers by inflatable, enduring lightning, hiking with a broken foot, becoming infected with parasites from walking barefoot on the beach, sailing in Beaufort scale gales, traveling at night in shipping lanes and on and on…
Any advice on how I can get braver?” Susan King FTBMates

In this week’s chat…

  • Addressing the elephants in the room
  • Why are we STILL in the marina?
  • Liz has gone PINK
  • Our neighbour’s TERMITES have returned
  • Visas for Indonesia have arrived
  • Cooking on a boat Recipe Book
  • Cruising Guide to Indonesia
  • Provisioning and freezing
  • Continuing the freezer saga
  • Power and lithium batteries
  • Are we ready to go?
  • Clothes clear out
  • Vacuum-sealing
  • Heart health and check-ups
  • AIS & VHF problems – sorted?
  • Steps at the top of the mast?
  • Thanks for YOUR helpful comments!
  • We should have done these jobs earlier
  • Is it SAFE to leave the boat at anchor?
  • How can YOU get braver?
  • Jamie sorts out his nuts…

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