How Fishy Is Fish?

barnacle-timsharineWe left St Peter Port in glorious sunshine and a nice easy sail to the south of Sark (back past that damn cardinal). This was Sharine’s first sail and she took it in her stride.

We anchored up at Creux harbour and as the sun went down Tim and I nipped ashore for a quick exploration and then back again to spend an evening of getting drunk whilst at anchor. We explored intellectual topics – just how fishy is fish from the north sea – and looked at the stars.

Our anchorage on the isle of Sark
Our anchorage on the east side of Sark

We awoke early next morning to some serious bobbing around due to the tides so we motored round the corner to find a mooring that we had completely missed the night before!

barnacle-blackboardDespite our optimism about the weather, and the fantastic day we had had yesterday, the cloud that appeared that morning never lifted for the entire time we were on Sark. It gave it an eeriness that was quite different to the heat wave from last year. With weather like this there is only one place to head, so we hit the pub and ordered some crab off a local fisherman via the barman and played pool. Tim ‘Fish Bwoy’ thrashed everyone of course.

A few pints later and Tim, Sharine and I took a cart ride around the north of the island, driven by a young local girl. Actually, when I say we took a ride what I mean is Tim kept jumping off the cart and racing the horse whilst chatting the girl up, much to Sharine’s disgust. The girl was quite a character, too. Aged just 16 she had just got her horse and cart license and we were some of her first customers. As we passed a couple of other young girls she turned to us and whispered “she’s a bitch”. Turns out it’s her cousin. “According to everyone she’s crap in bed”. Everyone? Turns out she’s the local bike. Apparently. Not that I’m one to gossip. Anyway, she took us to Seigneusie Gardens, which were stunning. The maze was great fun too.

The beautiful Seigneusie Gardens, Sark
The beautiful Seigneusie Gardens, Sark

barnacle-loveWe returned to Barnacle Bill to find that even on a mooring another night bobbing around was a bit too much so we motored back to Dixcart Bay, where we shared our anchorage with four identical motor boats accompanied by a Royal Navy guard. Dunno who it was though and they buggered off after a few hours. We walked to Little Sark where Tim and I hovered up cream teas. We returned to the boat where upon I knocked up a blinding Thai green curry, even if I say so myself. Despite the curry we all enjoyed a much better night’s sleep.

On Friday we returned to Guernsey through Big Russel with some favourable SW winds. The two tacks we put in enabled me to catch two mackerel! As if in celebration the sun came out too, which was great because Liz flew over in the evening to join me for a few days! We spent a night in a local hotel which wasn’t subject to the local tides. We spent the evening looking at loads of info on potential boats. Very exciting stuff!

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