How a Sailboat Galley Works

[S04E14] Our followers ask about the sailboat galley more than any other topic, and it generated the biggest response in our DISCORD group when we asked what we should talk about in the next podcast.

In this podcast, we break down your galley questions into three broad topics:

  1. Provisioning
  2. Storing
  3. Set-up & Equipment

And throw in some notes on pests, water, foraging, local food, food prep and waste disposal. Here are some time codes…

00:00 All about boat galleys.
02:49 What is a ship’s galley?
04:25 Galley layouts.
07:14 Provisioning for food on a sailboat.
07:46 Local food sources.
10:58 Fish from fishing boats.
12:37 Foraging for food.
14:00 Fresh food from hotel and restaurant kitchens.
15:11 Supermarkets for basics and long-term provisioning.
18:07 How long does food last on a sailboat.
22:46 Boat fridges and freezers.
27:30 Preparing food for storage on a boat.
31:50 Galley storage containers.
32:51 Vacuum sealing.
34:54 Pickling & preserving.
37:02 Do not rely on a fridge or freezer!
37:40 Storing eggs on a boat.
39:05 Pests in the galley.
45:57 Gas or electricity in the galley?
48:46 Solar ovens.
50:25 Solid fuel.
50:54 Galley equipment: Grill.
51:39 Galley equipment: Oven.
52:37 Galley equipment: Pressure cooker.
54:26 Galley equipment: Thermal cooker.
56:12 Galley equipment: Barbecue.
56:56 Galley equipment: Portable cook-tops.
57:41 Galley equipment: Bread maker.
59:17 Galley equipment: Rice cooker.
01:00:03 Galley equipment: Air fryer.
01:00:07 How to organise the galley for food preparation.
01:03:22 Reduce water consumption in a galley.
01:05:23 Galley rotas.
01:07:53 Galley trash management.

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