Hollywood Beckons: Our TV Interview

Just before we left India Liz and I were interviewed by MarineBiz TV, a global television channel which has been putting together a series of programmes called ‘Sailor’s Diary’. In it each member of the Vasco Da Gama Rally was interviewed and asked about their backgrounds, experience and life at sea.

Below is the complete interview. If you click the square button in the right-hand corner you can pretend you’re viewing this extravaganza in the cinema 😉

Also this week the second installment of our adventure is published in November’s Sailing Today (Issue 163). It’s another six-page spread with words by Liz and pics by myself and covers Sudan and Eritrea. If you can’t get hold of a hard-copy then you’ll be able to buy it online here very soon.




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7 Comments on “Hollywood Beckons: Our TV Interview”

  1. Wahoo! Congratulations, that is fantastic – what next? A feature fillum? 🙂

    Best of luck with the sailing ahead, and congrats on all your recent successes!

  2. OMG how mature – look at you all grown up. Bet you still feel about 19 inside though!! Makes my life look very dull – but still very safe and happy.

  3. The TV interview was great: it explained the reasons for your journey more explicitly than anything I have heard you say or write before. You were both so articulate and made me feel jealous for not having decided to do something similar when I was still young enough to survive!

  4. Loved watching this. Very interesting. Millie did not say much though. Ay op laddy…I liked the Northern Indian girl inbetween.

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