Hello Sabang, Indonesia!

After an eventful passage from Thailand to Sabang it was time to check in and take a look round Pulau Weh, Sabang. The island shares the same archipelago as the Nicobars and Andamans. Although small at 156km2, it’s a popular tourist destination for locals, divers and sailors. The Sabang Marine Festival, usually held in April, has put the island on the map for SE Asia’s cruisers. Few venture further south.

Of course the best way to see an island like this is to hire a scooter and go for a cruise around. Even though our visit was brief (we had only 60 days ahead of us to cover one thousand miles of beaches, reefs, anchorages and villages between here and Jakarta) we managed a complete circuit.

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Sabang is in the state of Aceh, which is dry, so no bars or beers were to be had. We love eating local food and found some wonderful places to eat, but when you come across an illicit bar selling beer and pizza it’s difficult to pass up the opportunity!

Pulau Weh is at the very tip of Indonesia and is marked by a monument at “Kilometer Zero”, aka the end of Indonesia. For us, though, it marked the beginning of Indonesia!

Without the help of locals, Nani and Budi, it would have taken us a lot longer to get to know the island and its special places. If you’re thinking of sailing there, we recommend you contact them beforehand – they’ll help smooth your way, and introduce you to some real local culture. Contact them here: trisnani.m@gmail.com


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