Hello from our new super yacht!

Yeah, right, as if! In this latest episode we end up on the super-yacht pontoon in super-posh Sutera Harbour Marina, where we are currently berthed.

Priority, of course, is Millie, and this is why we have come to Kota Kinabalu. We had it on good authority that there is a very good vet here… and the authority was right. Meet Dr Gillian, Millie’s guardian angel.

Gillian and assistant Chris handling Millie with love

Before everything went haywire, this was the marina complex in full swing, complete with a golf course, five swimming pools and so many restaurants we were spoiled for choice.

👉Some of this was filmed before the covid-19 emergency.👈

Of course all that has changed now, and since we are stuck here, we’re looking for your input in guiding us through the next few episodes. Yes, we’re after your questions! Let us know what you think of our latest episode. More importantly, what subjects would you like us to cover in the coming weeks? We’re all ears and, like most of you, have time on our hands.

As always, thanks for supporting us and allowing us to share our adventure with you.

Peace, fair winds and stay safe

Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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As always, thanks for supporting us and allowing us to share our adventure with you.

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6 Comments on “Hello from our new super yacht!”

  1. So how many games of I-spy did you get through before thoughts of murder arose?

    You could play things you would not like to find in your sleeping bag but the next item has to start with the last letter of the item prior.

  2. hi from the philippines. trust all is well and millie is recovering. glad to see your video’s from this very nice place. kk! in case you’ve moved on. telling my wife when this pandemic has relaxed travel we may fly there and spend a few days.
    How about video’s on worst things/bloopers that have happened to you also a best of your favorite places or things that you hold fond memories of.you’ve from your travels.

    1. Yes, we are loving Sabah, it’s a relaxing and friendly place even in these difficult times. We’ll add your questions to the list, thank you!

  3. Hi Jamie & Liz and of course Millie. We love your channel and your boat too, the Oyster 435 is just about the ideal cruiser for two imho. My wife and I are keen sailors but trying to figure out how we can transition to full time cruising (also with our cat, Bramble.) One issue is that we both need regular prescription medicines and wondering how to ensure adequate supply while cruising. Is this something you can advise on and are there any border issues carrying them on board?

    Hope you both stay safe and well and Millie recovers soon too.

    All the best
    Dean & Mandy

    1. Hi guys! Yes, we agree that the 435 is perfect for two. I love the name Bramble!
      Regarding medicine, I have hypothyroidism which means having to take a tablet every day. I buy in bulk over the counter in SE Asia, but if I’m somewhere which needs a prescription I go to a doctor and get one. It’s easy. If you have medicine which needs to be kept in the fridge, have a back-up plan should your batteries fail (we know a cruiser who has to keep insulin on board). Everything is do-able, most countries have some kind of medical care, you just need to plan around it sometimes.
      Never had a problem with Quarantine, but keep a prescription handy to show them, should they ask.
      Happy planning!

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