Have you ever been taken ill abroad? What did you do?

Would you have surgery in Asia? Undergoing surgery in Malaysia or anywhere in the world you happen to be sailing is daunting. If it’s not your own country, finding a hospital or a doctor, trusting that person’s judgement and going into the operating theatre are hurdles that as a cruiser you have to be prepared to jump.

When an insect bite on Liz’s back turned septic and didn’t respond to on-board antibiotics we knew we needed to see a doctor fast. It was deep, needed cutting out, dressing properly and a good course of strong antibiotics. Jamie went along with Liz to the hospital to hold her hand and reassure her.

👉This episode was filmed before the worldwide emergency👈

While waiting for Liz to recover, we continued “Roy’s Rope Tutorials” at Miri Marina, this time he taught Jamie how to make an eye splice with three strand rope.

With Liz’s back healing and Millie stabilising, we sailed out of Miri to anchor in a swell that kept Jamie up all night. He really doesn’t like rolly anchorages!

As always, thanks for supporting us and allowing us to share our adventure with you.

Peace and fair winds

Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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