Finally, the time has come for us to haul out. But man oh man, was it a hot day!

The hard-standing at Krabi Boat Lagoon is immaculate, comfortable and spacious. And ever mindful of his partner’s needs, Jamie was clever enough to find us a place not too far from the wash rooms…and close to the swimming pool.

While we acclimatised to life without a loo, and entry onto SY Esper via an almost vertical ladder, the painting team were preparing the hard roof of our dodger for its final coat. With a careful eye on the approaching storm clouds, they found enough of a window to get the job finished and ready for spraying the “Snow White” Awlcraft finish. And, as Ton said, it “look good”!

The only bonus about being out of the water is that Millie is stranded on board, there is no way she can get off, which means we can leave her to roam around the deck all night while we sleep below with the hatches open. The downside is that she has to use what most other house-bound moggies use, a kitty-litter tray. Oh the indignity!

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For the full video of our haul-out, with spectacular drone footage and Jamie and Brendon busting some moves in the slipway, click this image to watch the video:

Click this image for video

And if you watch right to the end, you’ll catch a glimpse of Liz dancing the night away in the Reggae Bar of Krabi Town (everywhere in Thailand has one)!



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