Guaranteed Reasons Why Your Cruising Dreams Will Fail

[S04E25] We reckon there are at least seven reasons why your cruising dreams will fail.

In this podcast we elaborate on those reasons, and explain in more detail what you need to think about before jumping onto your own boat. We hope if you are a would-be cruiser, you will find our insights useful in your decision to untie the lines.

And, by the way, this isn’t any old random list we’ve plucked from the air, it’s based on what we have witnessed since we began sailing and cruising in 2005.

Our friends, Salty Lass, have a great example of why newbies give up…

An acquaintance of ours bought a boat to live the dream.
As he sailed into our anchorage, we watched him find a good spot, then toss the anchor and some chain off the front. He give us a wave and retreated below.

That night the wind shifted and became a Force 6, soon picking up to a Force 10. This meant the anchorage was untenable, so we re-anchored, but our acquaintance ended up on the rocks. It took both the local harbour master and the RNLI to pull him off to safety. Everything was fine, because he was insured so was able to have his boat fixed. He then sailed it home and sold it!

These days he travels on the UK inland waterways and rivers in a small motor cruiser.

Salty Lass

The Seven Reasons You Will Fail

  1. Sailing Knowledge and Experience
  2. Couples and Families
  3. Money
  4. Risk Averse
  5. Scared Of The Unknown
  6. Perfectionist
  7. DIY Shy

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