The Grass is Always Greener

[S04E17] With Jamie in the UK and Liz in Indonesia (and with 8000 miles between us) we discover the grass is always greener. And how important food is to both of us…


00:00 8,000 miles apart
01:35 Bum wash!
02:33 The food we miss
04:32 The weather
09:01 Mosquitoes
09:44 Burning plastic
11:33 Three types of pollution
14:53 Cost of living and eating out
18:19 CHEESE! And TOFU!
21:02 Shopping
23:35 Boat yard dogs
25:34 Service in UK vs Indonesia
28:20 Learning languages
29:36 “I’m feeling more and more like a stranger”
30:28 Where is “home”?
31:26 The grass is always greener
36:06 Are we going to head east or west?

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The grass is always greener

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