Goçek: A Cute But Over-Priced Town

Anchor top centre/left, in between the municipal marina and the new one being built. Yes, another one!

Anchor top centre/left, in between the municipal marina and the new one being built. Yes, another one!

Goçek appears to be changing constantly and the development that’s going on is making it more and more difficult for the yachtsman to anchor freely. The one available area for anchoring gets quite packed in the summer. There’s also an issue with where to take the tender when going ashore, which I’ll come onto in a moment.


Goçek is a pretty little town and, with the market on a Sundays, is a popular place for the yachtsman. There are some great bars and restaurants there too, and a number of chandlers that, if don’t have your part in stock, claim to order them within 2-3 working days. Apparently.


The truth is Goçek loses its charm after a few visits. Look, I don’t want to be negative but…one quickly comes to realise that the chandlers are not only expensive but also a bit slack in ordering parts. The shops on the main street appear to price fix their products too, which is rather annoying when you want to buy a pack of ice and have to pay 4 lira for it. That aside it is a pleasant place set in a cute mountainous area and I don’t want my bemoanings to put anyone off. I think I’m just a litte tired of it. Put it this way: I’ve now visited Fethiye as many times as Goçek and I’ve yet to tire of it.



OK, not strictly Goçek but I had to get this in! Somewhere between Goçek and Dalaman on the main road.

OK, not strictly Goçek but I had to get this in! Somewhere between Goçek and Dalaman on the main road.

The good thing about Goçek is the Kebab Hospital! As a late convert to lamb (I only ever ate fish until recently) the quality of the food here is so good it’s as popular with locals as it is with tourists and yotties. Also worth a mention is the Urnlu Restaurant next door, as well as Limon Restaurant.


And now, that a-hole who runs the restaurant by the municipal marina called Cafe Del Mar (original name, eh?). There is a place where one takes the tender when going ashore. Normally one ties up and goes about their business with no hassle from the locals. Alas one particular restaurateur got annoyed at the number of yotties tying up to his fence, and then walking through his restaurant without imbibing the obligatory beer. Fair enough, you might comment, but as a reaction to this the manager has now put up signs by the fence, which isn’t his as it turns out, saying ‘Guests only’. Also he has been known to shout at people who tie their tender up to ‘his’ fence. He has even gone as far as covering the fence with plastic so it is now extremely difficult to tie up. On top of this his beer is 6 lira (yep, that’s London prices, and this isn’t even a pint!). Is it any wonder his restaurant, nice looking as it is, is always empty? As a friend of ours once commented…




“Why doesn’t he open his gates with signs saying ‘Yotties Welcome’, offer some half price beer in happy hour and get his staff to take the lines off people trying to tie up?”

Because, Fiona, we are witnessing Turkish business logic. No customers? Attract them by increasing your prices.

All in all Goçek is ‘nice’, but it’s pretty over-rated.


Holding: good/excellent
Marinas: three and counting
Protection from wind: mainly good from meltemi but open sea to the east/south east
Restaurant: yes. Check out the above-mentioned Kebab Hospital.
Market: Sundays. Smaller than Fethiye and more expensive but between the market and the supermarkets you can get most things you require in terms of provisions
Other info: Goçek is a little more expensive than Fethiye and appears to continue to aim at the richer end of the yachting/cruising market. Having said this it’s not difficult to lose an afternoon watching the world go by over a few hard-fought cheap beers.


June, ‘Concerto’:

“I prefer the market in Goçek because it is more accessible. I find the market in Fethiye too big.”


“I think Jamie’s being a little unkind about Gocek. I know it’s over-priced, but I love it’s laid-back, slightly Bohemian atmosphere.”

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