Getting That Damn Gearbox Back In Place

Where's that bl@@dy cat?

Where's that bl@@dy cat?

We awoke to blue skies again and, after a leisurely breakfast kindly prepared by Liz, we spent the morning at the swimming pool, managing to put off the thoughts of attempting to fit the gearbox again but feeling more positive about it. However after one of Liz & Jamie’s delicious Turkish lunches, we tackled the job.

Gerald, a fellow yachtie who had previous knowledge & experience of matters mechanical, joined us and proved invaluable. A fan was set up to keep us cool and with plenty of cold drinks, twisting & turning, the gearbox eventually clicked into place. Hurrah- but will it work? Meantime-where is Millyu? She’d gone exploring in the engine compartment. Eventually plucked from the bilge she was put somewhere safer-much to her disgust. Anyway, we had come for a spot of sailing and Jamie decided that the next day would be ideal for testing the gearbox. After games of backgammon-how could we forget the rules so quickly, followed by a meal in the restaurant we settled down to sleep anticipating the day’s sailing ahead of us.

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