Welcome to our favourite pictures taken to date! We’ve divided them up into different albums, each of which have thumbnail previews. Just click on any of the thumbnails to start a lightbox-style view, or use the relevant link to ‘Show as slideshow’ within the page. As we update these albums so the latest thumbnail will display first, making it easier for you to see when we’ve added new pics. Don’t forget to add your comments on our pics, below.

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People And Portraits

Buildings & Constructions

Skyscapes & Vistas

Random Things




3 Comments on “Gallery – The Best Of The Best”

  1. Hi Jamie,
    Al and Alli have just shown us your website. Great to see the pics etc.
    Hope life is all you want it to be.

    Best regards,
    Liz and David

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Looking at the pictures is almost as interesting as reading about all your adventures! There always used to be something on here about the camera/lenses you use and i can’t find it anymore. Can you let me know what you use also which version of photoshop?
    Would be great to see more of your fab pics sometime. Really, some of them make me very jealous!
    thanks a lot, Lorraine

  3. Hi Lorraine, thanks for the comments. I use a Canon 30D and a Canon G9. The lenses are a Canon 28-70mm S, a Sigma 10-20mm and a Canon 50mm prime (1.4). When I’m just wandering around I use the 28-70 as my general every day lens but I frequently use the Sigma wide-angle. The 50mm is my portrait lens (though on a cropped d-slr it equates to an 80mm) and is the least used, though it is pin-sharp. I am in the process of finally uploading my pics to flickr, despite having a flickr account since 2006! I’ll keep you posted on the address because I hope to be uploading to flickr more frequently than I do here.

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