The World According To Crap Postcards

postcards-stamp1Throughout the first epic journey from the UK to the Caribbean a postcard was sent from each destination visited. The definition of a “destination visited” is one where we actually walked on land. Invariably there were a number of locations, specifically around the coast of Spain, where we anchored up and sat in the cockpit, supped cold beer and admired the fantastic evening scenes from the boat. These destinations are not represented in this postcard section.

Whenever I remembered I included the longditude and latitude of each destination, which are included. Also I tried to select portrait-sized postcards when I was travelling across land, but that idea soon went down the toilet.

Thanks has to be given to the Furlong Folks who received all the cards, and to Tim who painstakingly scanned each card for the website. We haven’t yet told them that we are thinking of reinstating the idea for 2009-2010!

28th July, 2003: Cherbourg, Normandy, France

118 49 38′ 41″ N
001 37′ 23″ W

Here’s the first postcard from Cherbourg. Smells of fish. Am writing this whilst walking….to the beer shop. Stocking up on essentials.

29th July, 2003: Alderney, Channel Islands

220 49 43′ 3″ N
002 12′ 36″ W

It’s p!ssing it down.

30th July, 2003: Sark, Channel Islands

31149 25′ 18″ N
002 21′ 28″ W

Everything in Sark is small. Very twee. Lovely.

1st August, 2003: Guernsey, Channel Islands

41149 27′ 25″ N
002 31′ 55″ W

Surprisingly English, quite Bohemian, but loads of Sharons

3rd August, 2003: L’ile de Batz, Finistere, France


48 44′ 12″ N
004 00′ 22″ W

A fantastic day on a beautiful island. So good to be back in Brittany

4th August, 2003: L’Aber Wrac’h, Finistere, France
6648 35′ 59″ N
004 33′ 39″ W

Dolphins!!! Best day sailing so far. Beautiful coastline, lots of rocks plus tallest lighthouse in world! WooHoo!

5th August, 2003: Camaret, Finistere, France

7548 16′ 49″ N
004 36′ 09″ W

FOG! FOG! FOG! Very mysterious.

9th August, 2003: A Coruna, Spain
8443 29′ 29″ N
008 21′ 43″ W

We made it! We are now on Spanish soil & away from the sodding, moody French!

13th August, 2003: Camarinas, Spain

9343 07′ 3″ N
009 10′ 47″ W

This part of Spain reminds me of the Italian lakes, with Rupert the Bear-style bays dotted around the rocky coastline. And it’s getting hotter!

16th August, 2003: Muros, La Coruna, Spain
10142 46′ 76″ N
009 03′ 48″ W

Spain just gets more beautiful, & that’s just the senoritas! Mmmm…..

18th August, 2003: La Puebla del Caraminal, Spain

11942 36′ 20″ N
008 56′ 00″ W

With a whole host of Saints for the Galician Catholics to choose from, they’re never short of a celebration or two! And boy do they love their fireworks!

21st August, 2003: Illas Cies, Spain
12242 13′ 30″ N
008 53′ 96″ W


22nd August, 2003: Bayona, Spain

13242 07′ 40″ N
008 50′ 60″ W

My last night of Spanish Senoritas! Think I might just stay here…..

24th August, 2003: Viana Do Castelo, Portugal
14241 41′ 39″ N
008 49′ 19″ W

Service? Hello, can I have some service please? Damn, the Portuguese are more laid back than the Spanish!

26th August, 2003: Povoa de Varzim, Portugal

15141 22′ 25″ N
008 45′ 90″ W

We’re stuck here for a few days due to a Southerly storm, but the port tasting in Porto yesterday makes up for the inconvenience!

30th August, 2003: Lisbon, Portugal
161I’ve jumped ship! Not sure what’s happening next but in the meantime I’m loving Lisbon

2nd September, 2003: Portimao, Algarve, Portugal

171Think this place probably looked better before the 60’s. A real shame. Beach is perfect though.

4th September, 2003: Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal
181Every person in Albufeira is English. And every English person is a scouser. Get me out of here NOW!

14th September, 2003: Beja, Portugal

192Hot, sun-baked, desolate, dry, arid, lonely countryside. Miles upon miles upon miles of nothing, and then up pops a little cosy town like Beja.

20th September, 2003: Sintra, Portugal
20Haven’t seen Mickey Mouse yet.

25th September, 2003: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2110With his specially customised pipe, Van Gogh would easily smoke an ounce of the finest Nepalese Black on his visits to Amsterdam.

14th October, 2003: Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
221Finally we’re back in the UK! Despite the Dutch ensign we’re insisting on sporting our Union Jack Bandanas

26th October, 2003: Cascais, Portugal

23138 41′ 25″ N
009 26′ W

Portugal. Again.

3rd November, 2003: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
241Wahay! Finally made it this far South! Don’t get too excited though because the next card could be from Faro, back in Portugal! Backwards, forwards, backwards, forwards…..all part of the fun!

10th December, 2003: Antigua, Caribbean

25117 00′ 68″ N
61 48′ 55″ W

After 3 weeks on the water it is a strange thing being on land. But with cold beer and hot Caribbean ladies we’re making ourselves very comfortable here in Antigua!

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