• June 9, 2020 at 1:14 pm #47134
    Dan Herman

    May I ask where you currently source the music in the videos? Do you accept submissions from musicians and other artists?

    June 9, 2020 at 2:29 pm #47138

    Hi Dan. We source all our music from Epidemic Sounds, where we have a monthly license to use any of their 30,000-odd tunes without copyright infringement.

    In the past, we have tried to source Creative Commons music from various sources but that got us into trouble on more than one occasion, so it is easiest for us to stick with Epidemic. We use a wide-range of styles, from non-rhymic drones to deep house to bluegrass, but it’s often only at the point of editing that we start looking for a track to fit the sequence.

    We’ve had a few enquiries from artists wanting to contribute music, which we’re always pleased to receive. The problem is that it may not suit the sequence and I don’t like using a track just because it was ‘given’ to us. It really has to fit the mood. We’ve also used tracks by artists who later decided to monetise them, which in turn demonetises our videos.

    All that said, if you have anyone in mind then please encourage them to contact us. We love our music!


    Peace and fair winds!

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