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    I read in another post here that rigging should be replaced every 10 years for insurance purposes.  I am assuming that is for steel cable. So a couple of questions come to mind.  First do insurance companies require “receipts” for when rigging was replaced or how is that determined?  Second I see that more use of dyneema is coming into play, so what time frame for we looking at for that media?

    October 23, 2019 at 4:39 pm#41093

    To answer your second part first…we love the idea of dyneema rigging and know of quite a few boats that have it. Sadly, I don’t know how it affects insurance.

    We were required to change our s/s rigging after 10 years by TopSail. Despite explaining that we have a rigger’s report which certifies our existing rigging as more than seaworthy their underwriters would not budge. So we had a chat with Pantaenius who were happy to accept a certified rigging report and we are still using the new rigging we installed in 2008 in Turkey. It was top quality cables, turnbuckles etc  delivered from Oyster UK.

    I guess it depends on your relationship with your broker, but they will all need to see evidence of new rigging (receipt and/or rigging report) to accept that you have met their standards.

    10 years is a silly rule of thumb because boats have very different lives – one yacht may have sailed round the world a few times while another may have just pootled up and down the coast on the occasional weekend! A good insurer should be able to take that into account.

    Peace and fair winds!

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