• December 2, 2019 at 7:08 am#42791
    Ben van Staveren

    So one thing I’ve been wondering about (and can’t seem to find fsck all on google about) is… suppose you’re anchored somewhere. And you want to go ashore. And you take your dinghy. What the hell do you do with it? I can imagine that you can’t just park the thing anywhere you like, so how do you find out where you can (and can’t) tie up (beyond using a little bit of common sense).

    Moving on from that, a few friends have suggested a few anchorages for us, but they’re all near beaches. Can you just, you know, take your dinghy to the beach to go run errands? And what do you do with it? I imagine you can’t just leave it unattended because someone, somewhere, will take off with it for “teh lulz” as it were I guess.

    Anyone have any insights into this one? I do feel this whole dinghy thing would make a hilarious instructional youtube vid…

    December 3, 2019 at 11:20 am#42802

    I like the idea of a fun video feature, Ben. We’ll pencil that one in. As for taking the dinghy ashore, you really do just park it up on a beach and leave it! It may seem an odd thing to do at first, but think about those beaches you’ve walked down in the past and think about how many fishermen leave their boats laid up on the shingle or sand, tied to a line or anchored in the sand. This is quite normal.

    Of course what happens to the dinghy in your absence will depend on where you land it. I can imagine leaving it on a beach in Ibiza is likely to invite drug-addled ravers bouncing off it at sunrise. We’ve watched children climb into the dinghy, under the supervision of their parents, and dick around with the contents. We even recorded one couple using our dinghy as a changing room. That was quite amusing.

    On the whole most people will leave other people’s property alone but your biggest issue is theft, so don’t leave anything in the dinghy that you desperately need to get back to the boat. Strap your oars down and don’t leave the kill-cord in the engine. If you use wheels, raise them when you leave the dinghy ashore because if someone jumps in when they’re lowered, it could cause damage.

    Also consider the tide. Look for the tide line and take the dinghy above it if you can, or anchor the dinghy in water shallow enough to wade out to. And if there’s a municipal harbour wall, you may be able to tie it to that instead. Beach-side restaurants are normally accommodating if you patronise them with a drink or two.

    On the whole you’ll be landing your dinghy where others are leaving theirs, or in an area that is used to seeing sea-going vessels coming and going so leaving the dinghy on the beach isn’t a big deal. If you’re only going ashore to eat at a restaurant then leave the dinghy in view. If you’re going further afield consider taking it to a part of the beach that is less busy so it won’t attract as much attention (although the opposite psychology can work of leaving it somewhere busy so potential perpetrators won’t know who owns the dinghy).

    We’ve only had a few minor incidents in our years of leaving the dinghy ashore and the biggest culprits are always kids. I blame the parents 😉

    Peace and fair winds!

    December 4, 2019 at 4:25 am#42809
    Ben van Staveren

    It does sound really odd to just leave it, but you do have a point. When I was a kid on vacation in Spain we saw a lot of them and it did seem that nobody messed with them. Thanks for the info, though, and if you do end up making a how-to-dinghy video, I’ll be glued to the screen for that one 😀

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