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    Hi Liz and Jamie, I’m curious to know— do you guys worry about malaria and taking medication to prevent? I can imagine there isn’t any in Malaysia but in parts of Indo it’s rife. Being on a boat does reduce the risk of course. Do you worry about travel insurance?  BTW I loved the vlog about Singapore Strait. Whenever I fly into Singapore, the view of the harbour below always reminds me of a game of Battleship.

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    Game of battleship is just about right, in fact we felt like we were in the middle of both advancing navies at one point!

    It’s interesting about Malaria. You can usually get local information on whether or not it’s in the area, failing that the World Health Organisation keeps the stats updated. No, we don’t take anti-malarial medication. We tried it in the Red Sea (doxycycline) but they all have side effects and this one is known for making you nauseous, which is exactly what happened to me. We gave it up after a few weeks and now use creams, sprays and covering up as the first line of defence.

    There is dengue fever here and we know quite a few who have had it. I understand that the killer malaria strain isn’t in this part of the world (mostly the African continent) but there are all kinds of other nasties. You just have to keep a careful watch on your health and if worried go to hospital for a check-up. To be honest, keeping out of the sun is one of the most important things to worry about as skin cancer is a big problem in these latitudes. That’s why you usually see us covered up when we’re sailing, swimming and kayaking.

    We don’t have health insurance here because medical care is easily affordable. Our boat insurance covers us for being flown home in case of a medical emergency. As we head out of SE Asia that is likely to change (especially in the US, from what I understand) so we’ll get guidance from the cruising community and our insurers (Pantaenius) nearer the time.

    Keep us all updated on your sailing plans.


    Liz x

    Peace and fair winds!

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