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    Peter V

    ahoy matey’s


    a week ago i spent three lovely lovely days sailing the coast of my country (holland) with a friend on his sailboat (Helmsman 35) and we even spent the night at anchor in front of my own town – the beach i know so well!!

    we anchored with enough chain and rope, we did use the engine to make sure the hook had dug itself in. and  the next morning we were caught with the line alongside the keel. after using the ruther both ways (port/starboard) we got free, and were happily swinging behind the anchor

    my question is: how do you prevent this? (is this by fixing the ruther in a neutral position – which would make sense?

    July 7, 2020 at 11:52 am#47378

    Hi Peter, thanks for posting.

    My first thought was that this was caused by the two different types of rode you were using. We don’t have experience of anchoring with line and chain, only chain, but I suspect this could be part of the problem. Do you happen to know if it was a floating line? If so I suspect it wasn’t sinking or being pulled down by the weight of the chain.

    Also if the boat doesn’t have a skeg to keep the line away from the prop this is more likely to happen. It can be an issue if you start the engine and put the boat into gear before weighing that line.

    It’s possible you had wind over tide too. That is, the anchor ends up underneath the boat as the wind pushes the boat the opposite way to the tide. This has happened to us and the trick is to put the boat into astern rather than forward, but of course you don’t want to do this if the line is wrapped around the rudder. Another option is the raise the main and use that to swing the boat into wind and away from the anchor.

    When at anchor always make sure you leave your rudder centred, and if you can, lock the wheel off so it doesn’t move.

    Of course, the obvious solution is to use all chain and do away with the line, but that may not be practical. If you have to use a line, nylon is the best as it stretches and it sinks.

    Peace and fair winds!

    July 14, 2020 at 1:13 am#47488
    Peter V

    Thx Jamie,



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