Frui Awards FTB Portrait Competition

Frui, the creative learning holiday specialist, has awarded followtheboat winner of the August¬† Photography competition. The competition is held monthly and the theme changes each time. This month’s theme was Portrait and my winning shot features a picture I took in Kekova Roads, Turkey, of an old lady.

When I tried to take this shot the lady indicated that she was too old for the camera, saying her face was ‘broken’. I beg to differ: it’s one of the most interesting close-up portraits I’ve taken. You can see the shot in full at this link or check below for a screen-grab.

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4 Comments on “Frui Awards FTB Portrait Competition”

  1. Well done again! Ah, what a story those lines on her face could tell – wisdom and hard work in her many years
    of life. (A little like me – ha ha)

    1. Hi June. It’s nice to get some recognition from the big names but feedback from friends means the most to me, so thank you for the kinds words.

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